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Bioethics in Clinical Care

Dr. Andrew Trew will conduct a series of five workshops titled “Bioethics in Clinical Care” in the metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area February 16 and 23 and March 2, 16, and 23.  Participants can earn ten CME/CEU credits.  Topics include bioethics consultations, treatment decisions, competent and incompetent patients, early life and end of life care, advanced […]

Democrats and euthanasia

A colleague has asked for information about the Democratic Party’s support of euthanasia.  While my colleague knows that the party supports the current US law on abortion (legal throughout the nine months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever), he is uncertain that the party’s support for what has come to be known as “death panels” […]

Hospice Patients Alliance

Colleagues involved in research affecting the terminally ill may be interested in the following initiative.  Jane St. Clair, author of Walk Me to Midnight (Waterford, VA: Capstone Fiction, 2007) writes that the Hospice Patients Alliance “has sent over 500 emails to candidates for Senate and US House of Representatives, asking for their views on assisted suicide and how […]