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New gendercide video available

All Girls Allowed has issued a new video about gendercide (the killing of female unborn and newborn children) as practiced in the People’s Republic of China.  Please consult its website:

Petition against female infanticide in China

As we all know, more female babies are aborted in China than males, in part due to the country’s forced-abortion policy.  Chai Ling of the organization All Girls Allowed has a petition against this violation of women’s rights; her effort is especially opportune given President Hu’s visit to the United States.  The petition can be […]

Infanticide article

This article concerns infanticide, the killing of the newborn, which some in academia are advocating Thanks to the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network for this information.

Infanticide in Brazil

Persons interested in examining the issue of infanticide (the killing of newborn children) in Brazil can visit This site includes the documentary “Breaking the Silence” (in which Brazilian Indians from many tribes speak out against infanticide), another short movie “Acaua-The Right to Life,” and “Infanticide Account by Kamiru” (a narrative of a child saved […]