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The Obama Admin, contraception, and conscience

Rather belatedly adding my first post to the UFL blog, and following up on Richard Myers’s post just below, here are a couple of good recent pieces by Prof. Helen AlvarĂ© – formerly of the USCCB, now of George Mason Univ. School of Law – regarding the Administration’s decision to require health insurers to cover contraception with no copay:

I think that the decision matters to us pro-lifers not only because we too are concerned about conscience – though of course we are – but also because of what I’ve termed “The Incompatibility of Contraception with Respect for Life” (I wrote this paper some years ago now, and if I were rewriting it today I’d modify a few things, but I still think that my analysis is basically correct). (I’m interested in thinking about abortion not only in itself but also in its interrelationships with other phenomena in sexual/family, scientific/medical, cultural, economic, and political life; I hope I’m not inclined to see nonexistent connections.)

Kevin Miller

Kevin E. Miller is Assistant Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. His BS (biochemistry and molecular biology), MA (political philosophy), and PhD (theology; dissertation: "Mercy, Justice, and Politics: John Paul II on Capital Punishment") are all from Marquette University. Besides several UFL conference papers over the years, he has contributed chapters to books on sexual morality and Catholic social thought, and published short essays, papers, and book reviews in Linacre Quarterly, National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, and Communio, among other journals. In fundamental moral theology, he is especially interested in natural-law theory, virtue ethics, and the distinctively Christian contribution to moral thought. In applied moral theology, he works especially in the areas of sexual, social, and medical/health-care morality. With regard to texts/authors, he studies especially Scripture, Aquinas, Henri de Lubac, and John Paul II. His website: