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Two Universities struggle with abortion-related issues

Two Catholic universities are in the news with abortion-related stories.

Santa Clara University is going through a struggle between the President and faculty members over the availability of abortion through the University’s health plan. President Michael Engh, S.J., recently initiated an action that would bar the availability of elective abortion through the health plan. In response, the faculty senate voted to “invalidate” the president’s actions. See this National Catholic Register article for more details.

The University of Notre Dame recently announced to its faculty that a third-party administrator of their health plan would make available free access to contraceptives, some of which may have abortifacient effects. This came after a federal district court denied the University’s request for a temporary injunction because of a pending law suit that Notre Dame has filed against the HHS mandate. The mandate would require the university to give coverage for contraception. See this National Catholic Register article for more details, including faculty reaction.


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