University Faculty for Life

2010 UFL conference details

The 20th annual conference of University Faculty for life is  is this weekend at Catholic U. Details are available on the UFL website. Featured speakers include Hadley Arkes, John Keown, Richard Doerflinger, Father James Schall S. J., Msgr. Robert Sokowloski, Erika Bachiochi, and Bill Saunders. Frank Beckwith and Father Kurt Pritzl O.P. have put to […]

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Bishop Olmstead, Abortion, and Excommunication

On the Mirror of Justice blog, see, Michael Perry links to a story about Bishop Olmstead, who informed a Catholic nun that she had incurred the canonical penalty of excommunication for her role in approving an abortion.  I don’t intend to enter into the canon law aspects of the case. The underlying moral issue is, […]


The nomination of Elena Kagan

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to replace John Paul Stevens on the United States Supreme Court. If confirmed, Kagan will not likely change the balance of the Court on the issue of abortion. Justice Stevens was a strong defender of Roe v. Wade and there is little reason to think that Kagan will depart from […]