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Series of articles on the “viability rule”

Just discovered a series of articles exploring the Supreme Court’s position allowing post-viability abortion bans by Randy Beck. You can find Randy Beck’s articles at The Essential Holding of Casey: Rethinking Viability, Where’s the Syllogism?: Gonzales, Casey and the Viability Rule, and Self-Conscious Dicta: The Origins of Roe v. Wade’s Trimester Framework. These articles are […]

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Constitutionality of banning off-label use of drugs

When the FDA approved the sale of RU-486 in this country, the agency used a little known process historically reserved for life-saving drugs. Lars Noah described the process in his article, A Miscarriage in the Drug Approval Process?: Mifepristone Embroils the FDA in Abortion Politics. Since the approval of the drug, abortion providers have continued […]

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Allowing the Unborn to Live While Respecting Women’s Free Will

Compromising the Uncompromisable: A Private Property Rights Approach to Resolving the Abortion Controversy is a new posting on SSRN. This article, published in 2005 by two prolife professors, argues that medical technology allowing gestation outside the mother’s womb may eventually erode the right to abortion, if that right is understood to mean the right to […]

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Cost of Unplanned Pregnancies and Laws on Fetal Pain

UFL member Michael New has some interesting observations on the Guttmacher Institute’s new report estimating the cost of unplanned pregnancies here and a brief comment on the NYT report regarding the passage of laws related to fetal pain here.

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North Carolina’s Woman’s Right to Know Act

The North Carolina legislature recently passed the Woman’s Right to Know Act, which requires a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion during which the pregant mother would have an opportunity to consider information and view an ultrasound. Governor Perdue vetoed the Act. North Carolina’s Catholic bishops have issued a statement urging an override. […]

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Sex Equality and State Interests in Abortion Regulation

Priscilla Smith, former Director of the Domestic Legal Program of the Center for Reproductive Rights from 2003-2007 and a litigating attorney with the Center for 13 years overall, has a new article on attacking abortion regulation through claims of sex discrimination. The article, Give Justice Ginsburg What She Wants: Using Sex Equality Arguments to Demand […]

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Report on challenge to Texas law requiring sonogram before abortion

Here is a report on the pending lawsuit challenging the Texas law requiring that women be able to view a sonogram before obtaining an abortion. A ruling is expected by September. Richard M.

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Great News Source on Life Issues Abroad

Marie Smith, wife of Congressman Chris Smith, runs a remarkable organization, the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI). PNCI coordinates efforts among members of democratically-elected legislatures – collectively known as parliamentarians – to advance respect for the inherent value, worth, and inviolable dignity of every human being from fertilization until natural death. The PNCI website […]

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Abortion Funding and the Right to Resist Bodily Invasion

In an article that can be found on SSRN, Robin West, a prominent feminist law professor, evaluates Eileen McDonagh theory that the state funding of abortion facilitiates a woman’s right right to resist the non-consensual invasion, appropriation, and use of her physical body by an unwelcome fetus. West praises McDonagh’s theory as making the personhood […]

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The Death of Roe v. Wade

That is the title of a recent Slate piece by Dahlia Lithwick. See┬áThe piece has to be read to be be believed. Lithwick complains that Roe is no longer a binding precedent, because opponents and supporters of abortion rights don’t treat the case as the law of the land. The result she says is […]