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Ligia de Jesus Castaldi on International Abortion Law and the Overruling of Roe

Here is a link to a good article in Public Discourse by Professor Ligia de Jesus Castaldi. The article is entitled “The Supreme Court Should Look at International Abortion Law and Overrule Roe v. Wade.” The article notes that the US law on abortion is more permissive than the law of almost every country. Overruling […]

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“In First 100 Days, Biden Redirects U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Abortion”

Here is a link to an article by Rebecca Oas about the Biden Administration’s policies promoting abortion. Oas states: “U.S. President Joe Biden has been in office less than half a year, but he is already on course to be the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history.”

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“President Biden Signs Executive Order to Fund the Global Abortion Industry”

Here is a link to a story by Stefano Gennarini on the new executive order from President Biden. As expected, Biden rescinded the Mexico City Policy,  which prevents US funding of groups that perform or promote abortion.

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Human Life Review on the Polish Court Decision on Eugenic Abortion

Here is a link to an item in the Human Life Review about the recent decision by the Polish Constitutional Court on eugenic abortion. At the link, there is also a translation of the decision.

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ECLJ on the Decision of the Polish Constitutional Court Rejecting Eugenic Abortion

From the European Centre for Law and Justice, here is a report of a recent decision of the Polish Constitutional Court. The Court “rendered a historic decision declaring that eugenic abortion is contrary to the dignity and life of the human being, the respect of which is guaranteed by the Polish Constitution.”

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Geneva Consensus Declaration

Here is a link to a piece by Austin Ruse discussing the Geneva Consensus Declaration. The “Declaration says what pro-lifers have maintained for decades at the UN, that there is no global right to abortion and that abortion cannot be imposed by the UN because abortion is a matter of national sovereignty.” The United States took […]

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Petals in the Dust movie

At the 2013 Life and Learning Conference in San Francisco there was a presentation by Nyna Pais Caputi about a film she and her husband were producing about female infanticide and other abuses of women in India. The film has now been released. You can find out more about it at the Petals in the […]

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UN discusses the Right to Life

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recently held a discussion on the meaning of the “right to life” on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This link takes you to the papers.

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Teresa Collett on Ecuador abortion legalization battle

UFL President Teresa Collett was quoted in a article, “Human Rights Watch Pressures Ecuador to Legalize Abortion, Pro-Life Nation Fights Back.” In it she responds to the Human Life Watch assertion that abortion restriction laws are “cruel” and “degrading” to women. The legal claim is absolutely false, say international legal experts like Professor Teresa […]

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International Abortion Conference — PEI

The University of Prince Edward Island is hosting a major international abortion promotion conference, Abortion: the Unfinished Revolution, August 7-8. The program gives an idea of what pro-abortion academics are working on these days.