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ABC v. Ireland

The European Court of Human Rights has decided the Ireland abortion case. The Court held Ireland’s law violated one of the claimant’s rights by failing to provide a mechanism for her to obtain a legal abortion, which in Ireland is only available under limited circumstances. The decision doesn’t seem as bad as some had feared. […]

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Abortion and death rates in Italy (discussion on LinkedIn).

A colleague on the Italian American Professionals group on LinkedIn posed the following question: “Since the death rate in Italy exceeds the birth rate, Italians are a disappearing race. How do we stop this from happening?”  My response is as follows: “May I also suggest that you support the pro-life movement in Italy?  As you […]

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new Vatican document on abortion’s harm to women

The Pontifical Academy for Life is preparing a new document on the the impact of abortion on women. There has been greater awareness of this issue in recent years.   The Supreme Court addressed this issue in Gonzales v. Carhart, and this caused a huge uproar. (I discussed this briefly in my paper at the 2007 […]

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The Kenyan Constitution and Abortion

On August 4th, Kenya will hold a referendum to approve a new constitution. While Kenya needs a new constitution to address serious political problems, pro-abortion advocacy groups have hijacked the reform process and managed to insert provisions in the draft constitution that will lay the foundation for abortion-on-demand in this pro-life country. It is likely […]