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Steve Aden commentary on the failure of abortion rights groups to challenge new pro-life laws

Steve Aden from the Alliance Defense Fund has this interesting perspective on the failure of abortion rights groups to challenge new pro-life legislation. See Aden concludes his article with this view: “By ignoring a tidal wave of legal authority that insists that unborn children are valuable and worthy of legal protection, CRR and Planned Parenthood […]

Fetal pain Legislation

abortion bans to prevent fetal pain may not be challenged

Here is a LifeNews story that discusses the prospect that abortion rights groups may not challenge laws in Nebraska and other states that ban abortion to prevent fetal pain. Richard M.

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Arizona bans race- and sex-based abortions

The Arizona legislature has passed a law banning abortions for reasons of race and sex. Here is an earlier post on this issue. Richard M.

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study demonstrates that parental notice laws reduce abortion rates

Michael New recently published a study that demonstrates that parental notice laws reduce abortion rates by 15%. Richard M.

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recent AP story on new abortion legislation

Here is a report (“Wave of anti-abortion bills advance in the states”) from the Associated Press on new legislation restricting abortion. Richard M.

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Recent South Dakota legislation/3-day waiting period and counseling requirements

Here are a couple of reports on the legislation recently signed in South Dakota. The law, which is to go into effect in July, requires a 3 day waiting period and also requires that women seeking an abortion receive counseling at crisis pregnancy centers. Here is the Lifenews report. Here is a report from the […]

Legislation Sex-selection abortion

Arizona house passes bill banning abortions for sex-selection and for reasons of race

Here is link to a LifeNews story describing the Arizona House’s approval of  a bill  banning abortion for reasons of sex-selection or because the unborn child is of a certain race. This bill deals attempts to address a growing problem. Although it seems unlikely the courts will uphold such bans, this effort serves imprtant educational goals.  Richard M.

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debate on the constitutionality of fetal pain legislation

See you the links below for discussion of the constitutionality of legislation banning abortion to prevent fetal pain. Paul Linton recently published an article in the Human Life Review, , arguing that laws such as Nebraska’s recently passed statute are misguided because such laws have little chance of being upheld in the courts. Mary Balch has […]

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House to consider two important pro-life bills

This week, the House will consider two important pro-life bills– “The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” and the “Protect Life Act.” Here is a story from the National Right to Life News. Richard M.

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PPACA and abortion

The controversy about health care reform and abortion continues. See Richard Doerflinger’s analysis, “Abortion returns to the health care reform debate.”  His analysis deals with the recent discovery that certain statewide insurance plans (funding by federal money) covered elective abortions. After an outcry, the Obama Administration eventually made clear that abortion would not be […]