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Political Change and Abortion

SSRN has a new article The Civic Underpinnings of Legal Change: Gay Rights, Abortion, and Gun Control. Written by Professor Palma Joy Strand (Creighton), her thesis is that legal change occurs when individuals seeking change share their stories of how the failure to change harms them. These stories facilitate the crafting of a group identity, […]

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Klick’s economics studies of the negative effects of abortion are worth consulting

The economics literature over the past 15 years has shown significant downsides of abortion for women, yet it remains largely unknown and uncited by pro-life scholars and lawyers. The work of University of Pennsylvania law and economics professor Jonathan Klick (individually and with others) is particularly well regarded and worth consulting. Consider, for example, his […]

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Michael New’s comment on NEJM study on abortion-mental health link

Here is a link to Michael New’s comment on a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study released by the NEJM allegedly refutes the link between abortion and an increased risk of mental health problems. New explains the flaws in the NEJM study. New’s comment also includes a link to a Priscilla Coleman’s […]

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abortion and mental health

Here is another insightful piece by Michael New on the latest controversy about the link between abortion and women’s health. The Washington Post recently gave attention to a new article that allegedly refuted a study documenting that women who had abortions had an increased risk of various mental health problems. New explains that the study that the Post highlighted […]

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new Vatican document on abortion’s harm to women

The Pontifical Academy for Life is preparing a new document on the the impact of abortion on women. There has been greater awareness of this issue in recent years.   The Supreme Court addressed this issue in Gonzales v. Carhart, and this caused a huge uproar. (I discussed this briefly in my paper at the 2007 […]

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Roe’s life-or-health exception

A recently published article by Professor Stephen Gilles does an excellent job of revealing the Supreme Court’s failure to articulate a clear meaning for Roe v. Wade’s life-or-health exception: Roe’s Life-Or-Health Exception: Self-Defense or Relative-Safety?, 85 Notre Dame Law Review 525 (Feb. 2010). As many of you know, Roe allows states to prohibit abortions of […]