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Reaching out to Hispanic voters

Encouraging Hispanic immigration is a double-edged sword for the GOP: It may increase GOP votes in the short run, but it may increase Democratic voters in the long run. And, frankly, it is hard to imagine any bid the GOP could make on immigration or almost any other Latino issue that the Dems could not […]

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Pro-life voting

I don’t think that I want to comment one way or the other on the question of whether those who regard abortion as a political issue of the greatest importance should vote for Mitt Romney, or more generally for Republicans, this fall (and in any case I definitely don’t want to do so right now). I […]

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Michael New’s review of Jane Gilroy’s book on Ellen McCormack

Here is a link to Michael New’s review of Jane Gilroy’s book on Ellen McCormack.  McCormack’s 1976 presidential campaign was an important moment in the history of the pro-life movement. New notes: “This campaign is nicely chronicled in Jane Gilroy’s new book A Shared Vision. Gilroy gives some well-deserved attention to the accomplishments of a […]

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pro-life gains since the Casey decision

It has been 20 years since the Supreme Court’s decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. On the 20th anniversary of this landmark decision, there has been much recent reflection about the impact of Casey. In LifeNews, Dr. Michael New notes Clarke Forsythe’s recent National Review commentary on Casey and offers some comments of his own. Here […]

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Book review of Jane Gilroy’s book on Ellen McCormack

From the Homiletic & Pastoral Review, here is a review of Jane Gilroy’s book, A Shared Vision: The 1976 Ellen McCormack Presidential Campaign. The review is by Clara Sarrocco. Richard M.

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Hidden Persuaders

That’s the title of a recent article by Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. The article’s subtitle is “The unheralded gains of  the pro-life movement.” Barnes describes a series of positive developments: the impact of sonograms, the increasing pro-life sentiment among young people, the rapid increase in pregnancy care centers, etc. At the end of […]

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Robert George reflects on asking presidential candidates about Roe

Over at Public Discourse, in his new post, Reflections of a Questioner (, Robert George evaluates the answers of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to George’s question about what legislation each presidental candidate would propose to overturn Roe v. Wade. Professor George notes that this question raises a fundamental constitutional issue regarding the role of […]

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Abortion Clinic Regulation

As the present battles in Kansas and Virginia show, controversies over abortion clinic regulation seem certain to continue.  According to A. Barton Hinkle [Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 4, 2011], conventional labels like “conservative” and “liberal” are not predictive of where one stands on this issue.  “[M]any so-called conservatives believe in limited government everywhere except the uterus.” […]

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Commonweal “Can we talk about abortion?”

Rick Garnett over at Mirror of Justice blog has recommended Commonweal’s new story, “Can we talk about abortion?‘ It will come as no surprise to Catholic readers of this blog that none of the three contributors to the article, Dennis O’Brien, Peter Steinfels, and Cathleen Caveny, give a robust defense of the view that innocent […]

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Video of GOP candidates on abortion and constitutional change

If readers want to view each of the GOP presidential candidates respond to Professor Robert George’s question regarding abortion at the Palmetto Freedom Forum, you can find those exchanges on YouTube. Bachmann-George exchange at 5:27-8:18. Cain-George exchange at 6:28-8:56. Gingrich-George exchange at 7:46-9:15 very short answer then discussion of judicial role in Constitution. Paul-George exchange […]