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recent AP story on new abortion legislation

Here is a report (“Wave of anti-abortion bills advance in the states”) from the Associated Press on new legislation restricting abortion. Richard M.

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“Pro-choice advocates are caught in a time warp”

That assessment is from Frances Kissling, former head of “Catholics for Choice.” This assessment came in a recent opinion piece in the Washington Post. Kissling notes the “increasingly sophisticated arguments” of pro-lifers and also notes that public opinion is shifting toward the pro-life side. She states that “we can no longer pretend the fetus […]

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March for Life 2011

The March for Life this last Monday was a great success, and a testimony to the growing appeal of the culture of life to young people. The event was ignored by a lot of the media. See this LifeNews story. Here is a link to a story in the Washington Post.  Here is a link […]

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Jane Gilroy’s book on Ellen McCormack

Here is the Amazon link to Jane Gilroy’s new book entitled “A Shared Vision: The 1976 Ellen McCormack Presidential Campaign.” Jane presented some of this story at the 2005 UFL conference. Here is a link to her paper from the 2005 conference. Jane, who was the vice-chair of McCormack’s campaign committee, is uniquely […]

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Clarke Forsythe’s Book on Prudence

Clarke Forsythe’s book “Politics for the Greatest Good: The Case for Prudence in the Public Square” is worth reading. Here is the Amazon link. Clarke makes the case for pursuing incremental change, an approach that he has helped to implement in his role at Americans United for Life.  A recent review of Clarke’s book by Michael New is […]

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The Kenyan Constitution and Abortion

On August 4th, Kenya will hold a referendum to approve a new constitution. While Kenya needs a new constitution to address serious political problems, pro-abortion advocacy groups have hijacked the reform process and managed to insert provisions in the draft constitution that will lay the foundation for abortion-on-demand in this pro-life country. It is likely […]

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Elena Kagan and partial birth abortion

There has been a lot of controversy about Elena Kagan’s testimony in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings as it relates to the issue of partial birth abortion. Americans United for Life has just released a powerful analysis of the whole matter. See Richard M.

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Predicting an end to Roe v. Wade

On June 23, 2010, the Politico website published an intriguing item entitled “Predicting an end to Roe v. Wade.”  That prediction was made by Walter Dellinger a former Acting Solicitor General in the Clinto Administration and a long time professor at Duke. Dellinger’s prediction was based on the idea that Roe has become a target of […]