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US Catholic Bishops to discuss a document on assisted suicide

Here is a LifeNews story on a new document opposing assisted suicide that the US Catholic bishops will conider at a meeting in mid-June.  This is a welcome development. After the major public battles on the issue in the mid-1990s, this issue has to some extent flown under the radar. Richard M.

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Bill Saunders on two pro-life heroes

Here is a link to a piece by Bill Saunders (of Americans United for Life) on two pro-life heroes–Pope John Paul II and Terri Schiavo. Richard M.

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“Pro-choice advocates are caught in a time warp”

That assessment is from Frances Kissling, former head of “Catholics for Choice.” This assessment came in a recent opinion piece in the Washington Post. Kissling notes the “increasingly sophisticated arguments” of pro-lifers and also notes that public opinion is shifting toward the pro-life side. She states that “we can no longer pretend the fetus […]

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new Vatican document on abortion’s harm to women

The Pontifical Academy for Life is preparing a new document on the the impact of abortion on women. There has been greater awareness of this issue in recent years.   The Supreme Court addressed this issue in Gonzales v. Carhart, and this caused a huge uproar. (I discussed this briefly in my paper at the 2007 […]

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abortion as the “lesser evil”

Albert Mohler has a very good essay on an op-ed (published in the Times of London on June 30, 2010) by Antonia Senior. See Senior acknowledges that abortion is the taking of a human life but argues that killing is necessary for women’s rights. The Senior essay is stirring reaction, and Mohler’s response is well worth reading.  […]

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USCCB on the Phoenix abortion case

Here is a link to a statement on the Phoenix abortion case by the Committee on Doctrine of the US Bishops. Richard M.

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Bishop Olmstead, Abortion, and Excommunication

On the Mirror of Justice blog, see, Michael Perry links to a story about Bishop Olmstead, who informed a Catholic nun that she had incurred the canonical penalty of excommunication for her role in approving an abortion.  I don’t intend to enter into the canon law aspects of the case. The underlying moral issue is, […]