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Communication and Moral Complexity

SSRN lists a new article, Moral Conflict and Complexity: The Dynamics of Constructive Versus Destructive Discussions Over Polarizing Issues. The authors’ abstract, which you can access here, describes the contents as: Moral conflicts, whether over abortion, the death penalty, or the ‘right’ approach to addressing terrorism, pose serious challenges to societies worldwide. They can quickly […]

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SSRN Access to Scholarly Papers

A valuable (and free!) interdisciplinary resource for academic research is the Social Science Research Network. It contains almost 350,000 abstracts and 280,000 manuscripts of scholarly articles in the areas of health, legal, political, philosophy, and rhetoric. I use it often to find the newest articles on a subject. An example of what you might find […]


Wesley Smith on the New Eugenics

Here is an interesting post from Wesley Smith on “The New Eugenics.” Smith’ post is a commentary on a recent article in an Australian paper describing the views of Oxford’s Julian Salvulescu, who believes that there is a moral obligation to use IVF to breed smarter babies. Richard M.