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disability rights group opposes assisted suicide law in Massachusetts

Here is a link to a post by Wesley Smith discussing the efforts of disability rights organizations to oppose the assisted suicide initiative in Massachusetts. Smith notes: “Media like to portray assisted suicide opponents as primarily religious or pro life.  But the facts don’t fit that supposed story.  Disability rights advocates–who are mostly politically liberal […]

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Wesley Smith’s commentary on UK assisted suicide report

Here is a link to Wesley Smith’s insighful commentary on the recently issued report in the UK from the Commission on Assisted Dying.  Smith concludes that this report is further evidence that England “is undergoing a tragic slow motion moral collapse.” Richard M.

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Dutch proposal to expand meaning of “unbearable suffering”

Here is a link to a post on Wesley Smith’s blog about  a position paper from the Dutch Physician’s Association seeking to expand the factors to be considered in assessing whether a patient’s suffering is “unbearable,” thus making the patient eligible for assisted suicide.  According to the article to which Smith refers–“Until now, factors such as income […]

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PAS and the Werther Effect: How one suicide leads to others

Legalized PAS and the Werther Effect Evidence suggests that legalized PAS will result in a greater number of suicides more generally (and not simply amongst the population who opt for legalized PAS). We will have great difficulty, on the one hand, giving our and medicine’s approval to suicide as the solution to complex problems at […]

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Assisted Suicide – A New Campaign in Canada

The issue of assisted suicide seemed to have been settled in Canada in 1993 by the Supreme Court decision in the case of Sue Rodriguez. In a five to four decision the Court ruled that the state’s obligation to protect the vulnerable outweighed the rights of individuals to self-determination. Now two new cases, one from British Columbia […]

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New student law review article on “Death Tourism”

SSRN has a new student article, Exploring the Potential for American Death Tourism. The author discusses the availability of physician assisted suicide in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and the possibility that American citizens will travel to these countries to die. He evaluates the enforcement and efficacy of foreign laws prohibiting travel for purposes […]

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Renewed campaign for assisted suicide

Public Discourse blog has a new posting by Adam MacLeod, Assisted Suicide: the Forgotten Front in the Fight for Life. He mentions the Massachusetts ballot initiative that was certified for the ballot by the state attorney general last week. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine is among the initiative supporters. […]

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Website opposing Physician-Assisted Suicide

Massachusetts Citizens for Life provide links to a new website with thoughtful commentary on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, “Choice” is an Illusion. The site is run by an elder law attorney, and her practical experience in the area shows. Another good website on euthanasia is the Nightingale Alliance and Wesley Smith’s blog, Secondhand Smoke, often […]

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Physicians’ Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments

For those interested in end-of-life issues and euthanasia, Christian Brugger has an important new post on the Culture of Life blog regarding Physicians’ Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments. His post is entitled “Legalizing Euthanasia by Omission – And Making It a Doctor’s Order .” Dr. Brugger identifies the primary issue surrounding such documents as: “POLST-type legislation […]

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Two Canadian Challenges to Assisted Suicide Prohibition

The Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die has filed suit challenging the Registrar of Corporations denial of the organization’s application to incorporate. The Registrar denied the application on the basis that organizing to assist those who seek to commit suicide is not a legally permissible purpose. The petition in the law suit is available […]