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Life Affirming Choices

Peter Colosi is featured in a new video, “Life Affirming Choices,” produced for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The movie looks at end-of-life ethical issues by focusing on the story of a young man, Brenden Flynn, who suffered a significant brain injury in an accident when he was eighteen. Colosi and several other provide a theoretical […]

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Wesley Smith Presentation on “The Danger of an Undignified Bioethics”

Wesley Smith, a plenary speaker at the 2013 Life and Learning Conference, opened with the question, “Why, when medical science has gone so far to limit and eliminate pain, are we considering ‘the right to die,’ ‘death with dignity,’ and ‘assisted suicide’?” He believes that the answer lies in Yuval Levin’s explanation that “health” has become a […]

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Human Dignity and Supreme Court Jurisprudence

SSRN has a new article entitled The Jurisprudence of Dignity ( The author, Leslie Meltzer Henry, identifies the variety of meanings given to the word “dignity” in Supreme Court cases: institutional status as dignity, liberty as dignity, equality as dignity, personal integrity as dignity, and collective virtue as dignity. The article reveals that the Court’s […]

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Healthcare Reform and Utilitarian Ethics

Yuval Levin discusses the two approaches to healthcare reform today in Help the Sick and Reduce the Debt: The Moral Economy of the Health-Care Debate on Public Discourse blog. He describes the Democratic proposal as one focused on expanding availability of health insurance through government programs, which they argue will reduce costs through bringing greater […]

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Autonomy, Restraint and the Common Good

The views of Joseph Raz, Ronald Dworkin, John Finnis, and Robert George on the value and limits of personal autonomy are examined in a new article by Adam McLeod, The Mystery of Life in the Laboratory of Democracy: Personal Autonomy in State Law. “The article then examines several different areas of state law where one […]

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Communication and Moral Complexity

SSRN lists a new article, Moral Conflict and Complexity: The Dynamics of Constructive Versus Destructive Discussions Over Polarizing Issues. The authors’ abstract, which you can access here, describes the contents as: Moral conflicts, whether over abortion, the death penalty, or the ‘right’ approach to addressing terrorism, pose serious challenges to societies worldwide. They can quickly […]

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Tristam Engelhardt on Moral Pluralism in Bioethics

The Journal of Medicine & Philosophy has a new article,