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Why abortion is still the most important political issue

UFL member, O. Carter Snead (Notre Dame), has a terrific new article on the Public Discourse blog, Protect the Weak and Vulnerable: The Primacy of the Life Issue. In the article, he first establishes that the debates over abortion and embryo destructive research are really about membership in the human family and the reach of […]

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Can you be prolife and support embryonic stem cell research?

Prof. Greg Dolin says yes in his article, A Defense fo Embryonic Stem Cell Research, on SSRN. Originally published in Fall 2009 issue of the Indiana Law Journal, Prof. Dolin argues that the fact that an embryo is a human life does not morally preclude all destructive stem cell research and that a person can […]

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G. Annas “Assisted Reproduction – Canada’s Supreme Court and the “Global Baby”

The August 4 issue of New England Journal of Medicine contains an article by Prof. George Annas entitled Assisted Reproduction – Canada’s Supreme Court and the “Global Baby“. He adopts the phrase “global baby” from a Wall Street Journal article found here about the growth of human surrogacy as an international trade. Prof. Annas notes […]

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German bishops denounce Germany’s approval of PDG

Here is a Zenit story on the German Catholic bishops’ response to a new German law that gives the go-ahead to the use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PDG). The bishops point out the eugenic implications of such usage. “The selection  of a ‘healthy’ embryo always entails the rejection of ‘unhealthy’ human embryos–and thus a violation […]

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Expansion of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

David Prentice has a very helpful article, Stem Cell Bill Ignores Patients and Real Science, on The Hill blog. It contains links to prior legislation, an NIH report and ongoing litigation regarding government funding of ESCR.

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Reproductive Rights Blog

In 2007, Caitlin E. Borgmann, another former Center for Reproductive Rights lawyer turned law professor, established the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog. The blog contains this description of its purpose and scope: Welcome to the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs network. This blog aims to provide resources, news, and information […]

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Communication and Moral Complexity

SSRN lists a new article, Moral Conflict and Complexity: The Dynamics of Constructive Versus Destructive Discussions Over Polarizing Issues. The authors’ abstract, which you can access here, describes the contents as: Moral conflicts, whether over abortion, the death penalty, or the ‘right’ approach to addressing terrorism, pose serious challenges to societies worldwide. They can quickly […]

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Tristam Engelhardt on Moral Pluralism in Bioethics

The Journal of Medicine & Philosophy has a new article,

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Update on embryo-destructive research

Here is a very useful update (by Christian Brugger) on recent legal developments relating to embryo-destructive research. Richard M.

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Wesley Smith on the litigation over ESCR

Here is a link to discussion by Wesley Smith of the litigation concerning embryonic stem cell research. See Richard M.