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Infanticide or Murder? Canada’s shifting answer

What is the proper legal response to a mother killing her infant child? In Desperate Measures: Rationalizing the Crime of Infanticide, Canadian law professor Isabel Grant examines the crime of infanticide and issues of statutory interpretation that are currently before the Canadian courts. “The article examines the recent trend towards charging women who kill their […]

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Increasing Withdrawal of Care from Newborns

The July issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine contains an article entitled, How Infants Die in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The authors’ abstract describe the results of a ten year study this way: For 10 years, 414 neonatal patients died. Of these, 61.6% had care withdrawn, 20.8% had care withheld, and […]

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Reproductive Rights Blog

In 2007, Caitlin E. Borgmann, another former Center for Reproductive Rights lawyer turned law professor, established the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog. The blog contains this description of its purpose and scope: Welcome to the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs network. This blog aims to provide resources, news, and information […]

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Great News Source on Life Issues Abroad

Marie Smith, wife of Congressman Chris Smith, runs a remarkable organization, the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI). PNCI coordinates efforts among members of democratically-elected legislatures – collectively known as parliamentarians – to advance respect for the inherent value, worth, and inviolable dignity of every human being from fertilization until natural death. The PNCI website […]

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campaign to target gendercide

Here is LifeNews story on the launch of a campaign to target gendercide–the practice of eliminating girls through sex-selection abortion and infanticide. The campaign highlights the growing gender imbalance in countries such as China and India. Richard M.

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Human Life Review articles on the Princeton conference

The Fall 2010 issue of the Human Life Review contains a number of articles on the October 2010 Princeton conference. The article by my good friend Mark Latkovic is particularly good,, as is the article by Wesley Smith,  Richard M.

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New gendercide video available

All Girls Allowed has issued a new video about gendercide (the killing of female unborn and newborn children) as practiced in the People’s Republic of China.  Please consult its website:

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Petition against female infanticide in China

As we all know, more female babies are aborted in China than males, in part due to the country’s forced-abortion policy.  Chai Ling of the organization All Girls Allowed has a petition against this violation of women’s rights; her effort is especially opportune given President Hu’s visit to the United States.  The petition can be […]