“Globally, opposition to euthanasia dwarfs end-of-life movements”

That’s the title of a good article by Michael Cook. Cook notes the good news that assisted suicide and euthanasia are still illegal in most of the world, and that the World Medical Association has recently reaffirmed its opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

Judge Blocks Alabama Abortion Law

Here is a link to a LifeNews story on a decision from a federal district court judge blocking enforcement of an Alabama abortion law that would have banned most abortions. The ruling was not unexpected. Alabama plans to appeal the ruling. A story on courthousenews.com detailed the reaction of Alabama’s Attorney General:

“Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, a Republican, said in a statement that the judge’s order was not unexpected and the state’s goal is to bring the case to the Supreme Court in order to strike at the heart of the precedents establishing the right to abortion.

“We intend to submit evidence that supports our argument that Roe and Casey were wrongly decided and that the Constitution does not prohibit states from protecting unborn children from abortion,” Marshall said, referring to the landmark abortion cases Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.”

Rachel Morrison on the June Medical Services case

Here is a link to a very good article on the June Medical Services case. June Medical Services involves the constitutionality of Louisiana’s admitting privileges law. The case will be argued before the US Supreme Court later this Term.

“A Chance to Challenge Roe?”

Here is a link to a good essay by Kevin Walsh analyzing the June Medical Services case, which the Supreme Court recently agreed to review.

Here is his concluding paragraph:

“Instead of expecting anything dramatic, look for Roberts to engage in a careful comparison and contrast of the record on review, which differs significantly for Louisiana’s law as compared with Texas’s in Whole Women’s Health. And expect facile comparisons between the two cases from people who have not done the reading. It is difficult to predict precisely what path a Supreme Court majority will take through the issues. But history and experience suggest some virtue in chastened aspirations for immediate Roe/Casey regime change.”

“Assisted Suicide Laws and Their Danger to People with Disabilities”

That is the title of a recent report issued by the US National Council on Disabilities. Michael Cook’s recent essay describes the report. Cook also notes that the media have largely overlooked the report. Here is Cook’s last paragraph:

“It cannot be repeated too often: a civilization is measured by the quality of its care for the vulnerable and handicapped. This principle is being endangered by autonomy fundamentalists who believe that civilization should be measured by access to assisted suicide and euthanasia. Won’t anyone heed the anguished protests of the disabled?”

Federal Court Blocks Ohio Law Prohibiting Abortions due to Disability

Here is a link to a LifeNews story on the October 11, 2019 decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirming a lower court decision that enjoined a Ohio law prohibiting abortion due to the disability of the unborn child. The decision was 2-1. The dissent,  by Judge Alice M. Batchelder, echoed many of the themes expressed in Justice Clarence Thomas’s opinion in Box v. Planned Parenthood. In that opinion, Justice Thomas sated that states have “a compelling interest in preventing abortion from becoming a tool of modern-day eugenics.”