Tennessee Bills to Restrict Abortion

Here is a link to a LifeNews story about recent developments in Tennessee. The Tennessee legislature is considering a bill to prohibit abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detectable. Another bill would ban all abortions in the state. The story also reports on the split within the pro-life movement about the advisability of passing a law that is likely to be invalidated by the courts.

Excellent essay by Richard Doerflinger on Assisted Suicide

Here is a link to an excellent essay by Richard Doerflinger on assisted suicide.  Here is his concluding paragraph:

“The people most harmed by this agenda are seriously ill people hearing from society and physicians that death by overdose will end their problems; other patients suffering from a reduced commitment to care; people with disabilities who are next in line to be seen as a “burden” on others; and lonely and depressed people of any age, seduced by the message that suicide is a positive solution. They are not numerous or powerful enough to fight for their rights or make lawmakers treat them as having their own equal and innate dignity. That task, then, belongs to all of us.”

Judge Blocks Arkansas Pro-Life Laws

Here is a link to a LifeNews story on a July 23, 2019 decision by a federal judge in Arkansas. The pro-life laws would have prevented abortions after 18 weeks (with a few exceptions), prevented abortions when the sole reason for obtaining the abortion was that the unborn baby had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and required that the doctors performing abortions be board certified OB-GYNs.

articles on sex-selection abortion in India

Here and here are articles discussing the huge problem of sex-selection abortions in India. Here is a link to a short article of mine dealing with the constitutionality of laws banning sex-selection abortions.

Clarke Forsythe on Overturning Roe v. Wade

Here is a link to a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Clarke Forsythe entitled “The Smart Way to Overturn Roe v. Wade.” Forsythe focuses on a prudential strategy involving careful consideration of a variety of factors. He questions whether strict prohibitions on early abortions are the best vehicles for reversal.

Texas Governor Signs Born Alive Act

Here is a link to an article from LifeNews about Governor Abbot signing the Born Alive Act, which provides protection to infants who survive abortions.