Staying at Doubletree for the Conference

Note that if you are planning to stay at the Doubletree for the conference, you should call them at 612-332-6800 rather than using the online registration, which seems not to be working properly. Use the group code FL5. See more about the hotels here.

More 2015 Conference information – hotels

Our 2015 Conference page now includes hotel information. Several hotels near the conference site offer special rates.

A Seamless Garment that Fits

David Paul Deaval writes, “A Seamless Garment that Fits,” for Crisis Magazine. In it Deaval talks about the inadequacies of the various pro-abortion arguments that pro-lifers don’t care about the born. He also asks what would be the “threads” ina genuine seamless garment.  HT Prolife Center at the University of St. Thomas

Another Life Issue: The Death Penalty

A former student of mine works for the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. He asked me to write a guest column for the diocesan newspaper clarifying what the teaching of the Catholic Church is regarding the death penalty. Since this is a topic of interest to many people, both Catholics and non-Catholics – in the few days since I wrote the column, there has been local and national media coverage of a statement by the Massachusetts Catholic bishops opposing the death penalty for the Boston Marathon bomber – and since along the way I commented on the relationship between the death penalty on the one hand and abortion and euthanasia on the other, I thought I’d share the column here.

University Faculty for Life conference at St. Thomas in late May 2015

The annual meeting of University Faculty for Life will be held at the University of St. Thomas Law School on May 29-31, 2015. We have had two successful conferences at St. Thomas (2004 and 2009) and I hope many of you will return for this year’s conference. See here for registration information.

I just received this note from Professor Barbara Freres who is organizing the conference program:

It is not too late to propose a scholarly presentation of your own prolife work. Paper proposals should be one page (maximum) and should include the working title of the proposed paper, author’s name, affiliation, full contact information, and a brief abstract or outline. Proposals should be sent by April 20th, 2015, to Professor Barbara Freres at



Interesting Michael Paulsen essay

Here is a link to an interesting essay by Michael Paulsen entitled, “Passover, Abortion, and Rabbi Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”