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Students for Life America Planned Parenthood Project

Here is an article from the National Catholic Register about Students for Life America’s Planned Parenthood Project, a campaign where they disseminated information about PP on their campus to raise awareness of the real intentions, tactics, and affect of PP. You may have seen them on your campus. The reactions, both positive and negative, are […]

UFL Scholarly Achievement Award

University Faculty for Life Scholarly Achievement Award in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Research $600 total prizes Possible presentation of work at annual conference Opportunity for publication University Faculty for Life is accepting submissions from college or university students for its Scholarly Achievement Award.  The contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students at any […]

Why UFL?

Frank Beckwith notes the following article: “The Great Conservative Mistake,” by Mark Bauerlein. This may seem off topic, since being pro-life isn’t about being conservative or liberal, but I think it applies to pro-life faculty matatis mutandis. Our job is to do scholarship well. Our successes will be in pointing out the bad scholarship of those […]

Signs of hope in the academy

I’d like to begin a series of posts about signs of hope in the academy. There has been a lot of bad news lately, esp. involving the federal government. There have also been some signs of hope in our society, such as the Texas legislative battle and abortion clinic closings. I’ve seen many articles about […]

Chilean call for signatures

José Ignacio Martínez Estay, Vicerrector de Investigación y Postgrado at Universidad de los Andes in Chile, is looking for signatures of American professors on a letter to the editor supporting the right to life from conception to natural death and religious freedom. This is intended to counter pro-abortion letters on the other side that have US […]

Short survey of young adults’ attitudes on abortion

Today Michael New published a short article on the NRO website, The College Republicans’ Report Has Good Advice On Abortion.  He provides a short survey of several opinion polls and concludes: “The opinions of young adults on the issue of abortion tend to be nuanced. Many polls show that young people are somewhat less likely […]