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Teresa Collett on Ecuador abortion legalization battle

UFL President Teresa Collett was quoted in a article, “Human Rights Watch Pressures Ecuador to Legalize Abortion, Pro-Life Nation Fights Back.” In it she responds to the Human Life Watch assertion that abortion restriction laws are “cruel” and “degrading” to women. The legal claim is absolutely false, say international legal experts like Professor Teresa […]

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Chilean call for signatures

José Ignacio Martínez Estay, Vicerrector de Investigación y Postgrado at Universidad de los Andes in Chile, is looking for signatures of American professors on a letter to the editor supporting the right to life from conception to natural death and religious freedom. This is intended to counter pro-abortion letters on the other side that have US […]

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A link between abortion laws and maternal mortality?

A study by Elard Koch, et. al. maternal death rate in Chile over the past few decades shows that the downward trend in maternal mortality rate was not slowed by the prohibition of abortion in 1989, contrary to assertions that maternal mortality rates will increase where abortion is made illegal.  The study, called “Women’s Education […]

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Argentine Supreme Court abortion decision

Here  is a link to a C-Fam story on a recent abortion decision from the Supreme Court of Argentine. The Court found that there was a constitutional right to abortion in the case of rape. This conclusion was based on international law, although not the type of international law actually embodied in a treaty. Rather, the decision was […]

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San Jose Articles used to block right to abortion in Uruguay

Here is an encouraging article from C-Fam about a positive development in Uruguay. There has been a steady push from the abortion rights movement to claim that there is a right to abortion protected by international law. The San Jose Articles (see this post, refute that claim and the Articles have now been […]

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Symposium on Gender Justice in the Americas: A Transnational Dialogue on Violence, Sexuality, Reproduction, and Human Rights

The Miami Law Review has published a symposium issue containing papers and talks given at the 2011 conference involving advocates and scholars from 20 countries in North and South America to explore Gender Justice in the Americas: A Transnational Dialogue on Violence, Sexuality, Reproduction, and Human Rights. The introduction to the symposium issue is now […]

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Western nations pressuring Latin American nations to liberalize abortion laws

Here is a link to a story from the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute on Western nations who are misusing the UN Human Rights Process to pressure nations in Latin America to liberalize their abortion laws. This is a part of a worrisome trend of pro-abortions forces attempting to use a non-existent international right to […]

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Latin American Conference on Reproductive Rights

The Second Latin American Conference on Reproductive Rights, which will take place on November 28th, 29th and 30th in Costa Rica, is a forum created for the Latin American legal community to gather for dialogue, debate and deliberate around issues and dilemmas that work to protect reproductive rights more effectively in the region. This second […]

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New article on abortion trends worldwide

The new issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Rights contains an article entitled Legal Abortion Worldwide in 2008. The article surveys reports from the 77 nations that permit abortion to perserve a woman’s mental or physical health. The article critiques collection of abortion statistics, noting that most “official” reports are incomplete. The United […]