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Petals in the Dust movie

At the 2013 Life and Learning Conference in San Francisco there was a presentation by Nyna Pais Caputi about a film she and her husband were producing about female infanticide and other abuses of women in India. The film has now been released. You can find out more about it at the Petals in the […]

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China’s One-Child Policy

The NYT reports that parents of infants in China are claiming that government officials are abducting their children and selling them on the black market. The story is here. Congressman Chris Smith (NJ), a staunch prolifer, has worked for years to awaken the American people and government to the evils of China’s one child policy. […]

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Sex-selective abortions American style

The San Francisco Chronicle has an op-ed about sex-selective abortion arguing that such abortions are a violation of human rights. (The author does not attempt explain what distinguishes sex-selective abortion from all abortions in terms of human rights.) The column relies in part on an April 2011 article appearing in the journal, Social Science and […]

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Abortion and Increased Sex Trade

Chuck Colson reflects on the connection between sex-selective abortions and the increased demand for prostitution in a post here. He mentions a law review article by two Loyola law students, Kristi Lemoine & John Tanagho, Gender Discrimination Fuels Sex-Selective Abortion: The Impact of the Indian Supreme Court on the Implementation and Enforcement of the PNDT […]

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New article on abortion trends worldwide

The new issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Rights contains an article entitled Legal Abortion Worldwide in 2008. The article surveys reports from the 77 nations that permit abortion to perserve a woman’s mental or physical health. The article critiques collection of abortion statistics, noting that most “official” reports are incomplete. The United […]