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Does Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Cause An Increase in Abortions

There is evidence that legalization of same-sex marriage is associated with higher rates, ratios and rankings of abortion in American States.  That information was compiled and presented to the Supreme Court of the United States in an amicus brief filed in Obergefell v. Hodges by more than 100 scholars of marriage in support of the […]

Another Life Issue: The Death Penalty

A former student of mine works for the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. He asked me to write a guest column for the diocesan newspaper clarifying what the teaching of the Catholic Church is regarding the death penalty. Since this is a topic of interest to many people, both Catholics and non-Catholics – in the […]

American Preference for Boys

A new Gallup poll asked a random sample of 1,020 American adults whether they’d prefer to have a girl or a boy if they could only chose one. Forty percent said they prefer a boy, 28 percent said they would want a girl, and the rest didn’t mind either way or weren’t sure.  This survey is […]

Defunding the abortion group Planned Parenthood

The feminist group The Susan B. Anthony List invites persons interested in defunding Planned Parenthood to attend its teleconference and web simulcast Monday 3-7-11, 9 PM EST.  Registration is available through

New gendercide video available

All Girls Allowed has issued a new video about gendercide (the killing of female unborn and newborn children) as practiced in the People’s Republic of China.  Please consult its website:

Abortion and death rates in Italy (discussion on LinkedIn).

A colleague on the Italian American Professionals group on LinkedIn posed the following question: “Since the death rate in Italy exceeds the birth rate, Italians are a disappearing race. How do we stop this from happening?”  My response is as follows: “May I also suggest that you support the pro-life movement in Italy?  As you […]