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Prolife Center at St. Thomas helps gain court victory in Arizona

Teresa Collett, who is the president of UFL and the Director of the Prolife Center at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, contributed an amicus brief that helped defeat a challenge to an Arizona law that made sex- and race-selective abortions illegal. Here are some details in a article from the University of St. Thomas, which also […]

Petals in the Dust movie

At the 2013 Life and Learning Conference in San Francisco there was a presentation by Nyna Pais Caputi about a film she and her husband were producing about female infanticide and other abuses of women in India. The film has now been released. You can find out more about it at the Petals in the […]

Amicus Brief for NAACP v. Horne

Teresa Collett, UFL President and Professor at the University of St. Thomas Law School in Minneapolis, was the primary author of an amicus curiae brief in the Arizona case of NAACP et. al. v. Tom Horne, et al.. The brief defends a challenged Arizona law that prohibits abortions for the purpose of sex selection. Among the amici […]

South Dakota’s ban on sex-selection abortion

Here is a good article by Dave Andrusko on South Dakota’ s ban on sex-selection abortions. The article discusses the signifiance of the ban and also effectively rebuts some of the arguments that have been made against these laws. Richard M.

UK Prime Minister criticizes sex-selection abortion

Here is an interesting story reporting UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s criticism of sex-selection abortion. One of the interesting things about this issue is the trouble people who support abortion rights have in explaining why sex-selection sbortion is an “appalling practice.” The story reports a comment that “This is not a debate about the rights […]

sex-selection abortion

Here is a good essay by Daniel Kuebler explaining why the US ought to ban sex-selection abortion. Richard M.