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Bill Saunders on “selective reduction”

Here is a good article by Bill Saunders on the NY Times article on “selective reduction.” Richard M.

More on Twin Reduction Abortion

The New York Times article discussing the growing practice of “twin reduction” abortions continues to generate responses. The practice permits parents expecting two healthy babies to abort one of them, usually for lifestyle reasons. William Saletan, writing at Slate, considers why those who are pro-choice are so disturbed by twin reduction abortions.  His answer is […]

Embryo Adoption and Persona Humana

University Faculty for Life member, Gerard Nadal, has a series of essays posted on Lifesite News arguing that the declaration on certain questions on sexual ethics by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Persona Humana, does not foreclose embryo adoption by faithful Catholic couples. Dr. Nadal points to a statement by Archbishop […]

more commentary on NY Times story on “selective reduction”

Last week, I posted an item about the NY Times story on selective reduction. There has been continuing commentary on this story. Here are links to a couple of posts on the Mirror of Justice blog. Here and Richard M.

2012 International Bioethics Conference

Abstracts and symposia proposals are invited for the 11th conference of the International Association of Bioethics: THINKING AHEAD, Bioethics and the Future, and the Future of Bioethics, which will be held from June 26th till June 29th, 2012 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The IAB conferences are an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of moral views, practices, […]

G. Annas “Assisted Reproduction – Canada’s Supreme Court and the “Global Baby”

The August 4 issue of New England Journal of Medicine contains an article by Prof. George Annas entitled Assisted Reproduction – Canada’s Supreme Court and the “Global Baby“. He adopts the phrase “global baby” from a Wall Street Journal article found here about the growth of human surrogacy as an international trade. Prof. Annas notes […]