“Experts warn Australians against following overseas experience with euthanasia”

Here is a good article from MercatorNet about the dangers of legalizing euthanasia.

tributes to Nat Hentoff

Here, here, and here are links to tributes to Nat Hentoff, who died on Saturday January 7, 2017 at the age of 91. Hentoff described himself as “a Jewish, atheist, civil libertarian, left-wing pro-lifer.”

Wesley Smith once commented that “Hentoff’s advocacy cuts a wide swath across what are often called ‘the life issues.’ Indeed, his unyielding stand over many years against abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, unethical human medical experimentation, and the ongoing bioethical construction of a “duty to die” has made him a moral beacon for those who believe that universal human liberty depends on society’s embrace of the intrinsic equality of all human life.”

slippery slopes

Here is a link to a good essay by Margaret Somerville entitled–“Euthanasia: it’s a long, long, long way down.” Her essay discusses the logical and practical slippery slopes, and also the idea that “no potential slippery slope exists” because “the diminishment or repeal of existing restrictions [on euthanasia] is not recognized as a slippery slope, rather, it’s seen simply as more fully implementing respect for individual autonomy and the right to self-determination, the rationale used to justify euthanasia in the first place.”

Alabama Supreme Court ruling protects the unborn

On December 30, 2016, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the phrase “minor child” in the state’s Wrongful Death Act includes a pre-viable fetus. Justice Parker’s special concurrence noted that Alabama law generally protects the unborn from the moment of conception, and that “[t]he fact that life begins at conception is beyond refutation.” Justice Parker noted, as he had in prior opinions, that the viability standard set forth in Roe v. Wade is incoherent, especially as applied to wrongful death law.

Here  is a link to an article of mine entitled “Re-reading Roe v. Wade.” In that article, I explained that Roe v. Wade, despite its undeniable importance, is an outlier in many respects. Decisions such as this help to affirm the humanity of the unborn and serve to undermine Roe v. Wade.

Here and here are links to stories on the Alabama decision from LifeNews and LifeSiteNews.

Margaret Somerville on “post-truth, euthanasia, and elder abuse”

Here is a very interesting essay by Margaret Somerville discussing post-truth, euthanasia, and elder abuse. Somerville’s work is always worth reading.

Ohio makes assisted suicide a felony

Here is a link to a blog post by Wesley Smith on developments in Ohio relating to assisted suicide. Smith makes the important point that there is not an inevitable current in favor of the legalization of assisted suicide.