NY Court rejects challenge to ban on assisted suicde

Here is a link to a blog post by Wesley Smith reporting on the recent decision from the New York Court of Appeals rejecting a constitutional challenge to New York’s ban on assisted suicide.  This is very good news. Unlike the situation with abortion and same-sex marriage, federal and state courts are allowing the issue of assisted suicide to be resolved through the democratic process.

Petition on the right to life in international law

Here is a link to a petition on the right to life in international law.  This is a worthy effort and I hope that readers will consider signing.

“Ten (Bad, But Popular) Arguments for Abortion”

Here is a link to good article by David Hershenov in Public Discourse discussing ten bad arguments for abortion. As Hershenov explains, most of the common arguments for abortion would also justify infanticide (or after-birth abortion).

Constitutional Tribunal in Chile Legalizes abortion

Here is a link to LifeNews story about the latest developments in Chile. Here is a comment from Clarke Forsythe of AUL:

“If there is a silver lining, it is the Court’s close vote today, 6-4, and that the Court merely allowed a legalization bill to go into effect.  Unlike the US Supreme Court’s decision Roe v. Wade, the Constitutional Tribunal did not create a constitutional right that would be immune from legislative correction. The Chile Chamber of Deputies and the Senate can repeal this legalization bill once they realize its negative impact on women, their children and the broader society.”

Iceland and Down Syndrome

Here is a link to a good article by Alexandra DeSanctis on the recent CBS report that Iceland is leading the world in “eradicating Down syndrome births.” Here is the concluding paragraph from the article:

“The title of the CBS piece asks, “What kind of society do you want to live in?” The article’s implicit response seems to be, “One dedicated to eliminating abnormality and suffering by any means necessary.” But no admirable society eradicates suffering by eradicating those who suffer. To achieve true moral progress, we must reject the killing of the vulnerable and condemn any backwards society that promotes such a regime as a solution.”


Michael New’s book review of a recent work that documents the diversity of the pro-life movement

Here  is a link to a book review by Michael New. New reviews Karissa Haugeberg’s “Women Against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement of the Twentieth Century.” The book profiles Mildred Fay Jefferson, Joan Andrews, Marjory Mecklenberg, Julie Loesch, and Shelly Shannon.

New discusses some flaws in the book but in the end offers this assessment:

“Despite these flaws, Women Against Abortion is an important book. The pro-life movement has always been very diverse and nuanced. Since Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers have pursued a variety of strategies to protect the unborn. Legal and political efforts have been more visible than outreach, education, street-level activism, and providing for women facing unintended pregnancies, and consequently these efforts have not received much attention from researchers or scholars. But that does not mean that they have not been an essential part of the pro-life movement. By detailing the history of female pro-life activists who have pursued these less conventional forms of pro-life activism, Haugeberg has performed a valuable service for her readers.”