“Assisted Suicide in D.C.”

Here’s a link to a very good commentary by Elyse Smith on a bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in DC.


Here’s Smith’s conclusion:

“Once a society buys into the lie that our dignity and value are expendable at will, determined by a utilitarian ethic, measured in terms of our economic productivity and ability to do what we want—when we want, and how we want—we forfeit the truth that our dignity and value are rooted in our very nature as human beings and not in any external achievement, ability, or material thing. If that lie takes root and if assisted suicide is legalized, we can expect euthanasia, both voluntary and involuntary, to soon follow, just as we have seen in Belgium, where the first child was euthanized just over a week ago.

As we close out Suicide Prevention Month, let’s remember that the lives of all persons are worth protecting, including the lives of those suffering from debilitating and terminal illnesses who, rather than lethal drugs, need effective pain management, psychological counseling and community support. Life, in any stage, is too great a gift to be thrown away.”

Euthanasia for children in Belgium

From LifeNews.com, here is a story marking a deplorable development–the first reported instance of euthanasia of a minor in Belgium. The details are sketchy, but you can be sure that this won’t be the last.


Here’s additional commentary on this from Michael Cook.http://www.mercatornet.com/careful/view/euthanasia-for-kids-kicks-off-in-belgium/18691

“Why Colorado Voters Should Reject Ballot Measure to Legalize Assisted Suicide”

Here is a link to a very good article by Tim Bradley on a Colorado ballot measure that would legalize assisted suicide. Bradley states:

“[The Colorado measure and other such proposals] should be strongly opposed for many reasons: they extend false mercy and compassion to those who are vulnerable to seeking assisted suicide, they corrupt the medical profession, and they profoundly change the fabric of the community wherein they are enacted.”



NY Times article on NRLC

Here is a link to an article in the July 9, 2016 edition of the New York Times. The article, “Anti-Abortion Group Presses Ahead Despite Recent Supreme Court Ruling,” reports on the annual meeting of the National Right to Life Committee.

Here is the first paragraph of the article–“Stung by the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned Texas abortion clinic restrictions, leaders of the country’s largest anti-abortion group are redoubling their efforts for restrictions on abortion that they claim will prevent fetal pain and that they believe can fare well in the public eye and, they hope, in the courts.”


Richard Doerflinger on conscience rights and the Obama Administration

Here is link to an excellent piece by Richard Doerflinger entitled—A Pledge Betrayed: The Obama Administration Nullifies Conscience Rights.


A Critique of Whole Woman’s Health by Steve Gilles

Here is a link to an excellent analysis of the Whole Woman’s Health case by Steve Gilles.