Harvard Law Students for Life

Students at Harvard University Law School have organized into Law Students for Life. Their first event was a talk by Robert George on the humanity and personhood of the embryo.

The discussion was respectful, displaying a diversity of opinions.

This, the willingness to engage a difficult and controversial subject or at least to engage an uncomfortable idea in the spirit of supporting intellectual diversity, is exactly what the group hopes to achieve.  It is integral for prestigious schools such as Harvard Law to cultivate an environment conducive to productive, respectful, and engaging discussion.

“The Ideological Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement”

Here is a link to a book review by Michael New. New is reviewing a recent book by Daniel Williams entitled “Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-Life Movement Before Roe v. Wade.” A link to the book is below.




ND UFL protests Biden Laetare Medal

The Notre Dame chapter of University Faculty for Life voted unanimously to issue a statement of protest to the administration of Notre Dame after it was announced that the Laetare Medal for 2016 would be given to VicePresident Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner. The letter “respectfully requests” that the award to Biden be rescinded. Here is the LifeNews article, which includes the entire text of the letter of protest.

This followed a letter by 89 Notre Dame students (among them this writer’s daughter) in protest of the award and a statement by the Catholic bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Kevin Rhoades, strongly criticizing the decision.

good news from Minnesota

Here is an article from the National Right to Life News reporting the good news that a bill to legalize assisted suicide has been withdrawn.

The article reports: “More than two hours of public testimony on S.F. 1880 included 17 physicians, nurses, attorneys, and members of the disability community who warned of the grave dangers assisted suicide poses to vulnerable members of society. At the end of the hearing, lead author Sen. Chris Eaton, DFL-Brooklyn Center, withdrew the bill before committee members could vote. A vote would very likely have killed the bill.”


“Girls Just Want to be Born”

That’s the title of a good essay by Marie Smith on sex-selection abortion.



Supreme Court holds oral argument in Texas abortion case

Here, from LifeNews and National Right to Life News, are reports on yesterday’s oral argument in the Texas abortion case.