5th Circuit upholds Texas pro-life law

Here is a story from LifeNews about the March 27, 2014 ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upholding Texas HB2, which regulates surgical abortions and abortion-inducing drugs.http://www.lifenews.com/2014/03/27/appeals-court-upholds-texas-pro-life-law-wendy-davis-opposed-that-closed-abortion-clinics/

Courtesy of the Bioethics Defense Fund website, here is a link to the excellent opinion by Judge Edith Jones. http://bdfund.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/AbbottAppellateDecision.pdf

Richard M.

UK Prime Minister criticizes sex-selection abortion

Here is an interesting story reporting UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s criticism of sex-selection abortion. http://www.aleteia.org/en/world/aggregated-content/uk-prime-minister-denounces-sex-selective-abortions-as-appalling-5773254941736960?utm_campaign=NL_en&utm_source=daily_newsletter&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=NL_en-24/03/2014

One of the interesting things about this issue is the trouble people who support abortion rights have in explaining why sex-selection sbortion is an “appalling practice.” The story reports a comment that “This is not a debate about the rights and wrongs of abortion, but an issue of violence against women before they are born.” But supporters of abortion rights have a hard time explaining why sex-selection abortion is appalling. For people in favor of abortion rights, it is not acceptable to object to the reason a woman has for an abortion. Sex-selection abortion, too, ought to be beyond criticism. Perhaps that is because, as one abortion rights supporter explained at the Roe at 40 conference at W & L (which UFL co-sponsored), there is no sex discrimination involved because the unborn baby doesn’t become a girl until birth. The irrationality of that position is apparent. The whole controversy about sex-selection abortion is another opportunity to encourage people to recognize that every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.

Richard M.

Stith Sculpture video

Rosemarie Smith, wife of UFL board member Richard Stith and frequent UFL Conference attendee, recently produced a 2 1/2 minute video about her sculpture display called “Tragedy and Triumph” Here is the artist’s statement:

Tragedy is simple in its depiction of the relationship between mother and unborn child, each ceramic figure clean like a child’s wooden puzzle piece. The removal of the child, left askew, is a portrayal of abortion.  The mother is left empty.Triumph appears to celebrate the mother’s domination over the fetal child,  but this domination dehumanizes the mother rather than the child.”

The video is extremely powerful.


Review of Gosnell’s Babies

UFL member John M. Grondelski has written a review of the e-book Gosnell’s Babies: The E-book, by Steve Volk. The review appears in the Fall 2013 issue of the Human Life Review. According to Amazon.com, Volk is the only journalist to have interviewed Gosnell since his conviction and imprisonment. Volk provides a more or less sympathetic look at Gosnell.  As Grondelski’s review says, however, “[I]n Gosnell one sees the logic of the abortion establishment carried to its logical extension, though shorn of the mellifluous faux compassion masquerading as a verbal fig leaf tbat covers up what we want to do but not to admit.”

Do tele-med abortions increase or decrease the rate of complications?

Reproductive Research Audit has published a critical analysis of a study published in the American Journal of Public Health that claims that tele-med (webcam) administration of chemical abortions reduces the likelihood of complications. RRA’s analysis finds flaws in the original study and attempts to show in their own report that the data actually shows the opposite.

The University of La Verne College of Law Law Review Symposium on February 28, 2014, focused on “Cause Lawyering.”  One of the panels focused on Reproductive Rights.  The panel of three persons consisted of a lawyer for the ACLU, a lawyer for Planned Parenthood, and Professor Lynn Wardle, a pro-life law professor and Board member of University Faculty for Life.  The University of La Verne College of Law Law Review will publish the timely-submitted papers in a symposium issue and Professor Wardle will submit his pro-life paper for publication.

- Lynn Wardle, wardlel@law.byu.edu