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The Kenyan Constitution and Abortion

On August 4th, Kenya will hold a referendum to approve a new constitution. While Kenya needs a new constitution to address serious political problems, pro-abortion advocacy groups have hijacked the reform process and managed to insert provisions in the draft constitution that will lay the foundation for abortion-on-demand in this pro-life country. It is likely that population control/abortion groups are targeting Kenya because it tends to be a leader in political and social trends in eastern Africa and throughout the rest of the continent. 

The Catholic bishops and other Christian leaders have been fighting for months to have the abortion provisions removed, without success. (The Muslims are not supporting them because the draft constitution establishes Islamic courts, which they obviously want.) The Churches now have no option but to urge the Kenyan people to oppose the approval of the draft constitution. Humanly speaking, they are fighting a losing battle – the Obama Administration is pouring over $23 million of our taxpayer dollars into advocating for the draft constitution (in violation of US law which prohibits the use of federal monies to lobby for or against abortion), Planned Parenthood Federation of America and other abortion groups are contributing to misleading “civic education” campaigns, and the Kenya media is grossly distorting and maligning the Churches’ message.

 However, the churches are placing their faith in God’s power to defeat this draft constitution and force the government leaders to set forth a revised constitution without the abortion provisions. Despite significant political pressure and some very nasty opposition (several people were killed a few weeks ago when a bomb exploded at a prayer rally being held by the “no” campaign), the bishops and many faithful Christians are devoting all their time and energy to this cause.

A Kenyan bishop has asked  that we spread the word for the need for urgent prayer.  This is a powerful way for us to help our brothers and sisters in Kenya, and also to counter the evil use of taxpayer monies.

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Father Joe Koterski

Rev. Joseph W. Koterski, S.J., is a member of the Philosophy Department at Fordham University, where he has taught in areas such as natural law ethics and the history of medieval philosophy since shortly after his priestly ordination in1992. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of International Philosophical Quarterly and as Chaplain and Tutor in Queen’s Court Residential College for Freshmen on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. He has produced videotaped lecture-courses on “Aristotle’s Ethics” and on “Natural Law and Human Nature” for The Teaching Company and on “Spiritual Theology” for the International Catholic University. Among his recent edited volumes: The Two Wings of Catholic Thoughts: Essays on Fides et Ratio (Catholic University of America Press, 2003) and Karl Jaspers on Philosophy of History and History of Philosophy (Humanity Press, 2003). His website: