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Divided Seventh Circuit Affirms Ruling Enjoining Indiana’s Parental Notice Law

Here is a link to a divided opinion of the Seventh Circuit affirming a lower court ruling enjoining an Indiana law requiring parental notice before a minor may obtain an abortion. In contrast to the views of several federal circuits, the majority did not follow Chief Justice Robert’s concurrence in the June Medical case. Judge […]

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Fewer surgical abortions in Michigan this year

According to Right to Life Michigan’s analysis of statistics from the Michigan Department of Community Health, the number of abortions has dropped 53% since 1987. The percentage of teenage abortions has dropped as well. See article.

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Guttmacher Institute Updates Summary of US Abortion Laws

The Guttmacher Institute, a research organization started by Planned Parenthood, has updated its annual survey of abortion laws in the United States.  You can view it here.  I occasionally dispute the characterization of a law, but find it to be a good starting point for research.

Abortion Legislation minors Parental involvement

House hearing on CIANA

Here is a LifeNews story about today’s hearing on CIANA (the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act). Here is a link to commentary on CIANA from Bill Saunders and Mary Harned. CIANA, according to Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has introduced CIANA in each Congress since 2005, would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state […]

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Abortion, fetal tissue, and rape

The Washington Post today contains a story about the Spokane police serving the local Planned Parenthood with a warrant to obtain fetal tissue from an abortion obtained by a fifteen-year-old. The DNA sample taken from the tissue will be used to convict or exonerate a man who is accused of statutory rape and who has […]