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Camosy interview

Artur Rosman of the Patheos blog called “CosmosTheLost” recently interviewed Charles C. Camosy is Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics at Fordham University. “The Anti-Abortion Supermajority: Beyond the Abortion Wars.” Camosy is the author of Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2015). In the interview Camosy discusses whether […]

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McCullen v. Coakley editorial

Oral arguments were heard Wednesday in the McCullen v. Coackley case before the Supreme Court. The dispute is about a Massachusetts law which prohibits non-clinic employees from side-walk counselling within 35 feet of the entrance of a clinic. Amy Howe, of Bloomberg’s Supreme Court blog, seems to think the law will not be upheld, based […]

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Questions women ask before getting an abortion

RH Reality Check, an abortion-rights blog, features news and commentary that can be quite provocative. For example, one post entitled A Different Type of Sidewalk Counseling provides commentary on what women seeking abortions ask other women who they know have had abortions. The questions the author lists undercuts claims by abortion rights advocates that women […]

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Study of emotional impact of sidewalk counselors

I have blogged about the increasing legal enforcement of the Free Access to Clinic Entrance Act here. There will be an interesting presentation on the emotion impact of counselors outside abortion clinics on Oct. 23 in Washington DC at the North American Forum for Family Planning (Forum), the combined annual meeting of the Society of […]

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United States of America v. Richard Retta

Yesterday’s Lifesite News carried an opinion piece by Brad Mattes criticizing the increase in federal prosecutions for violations of the Free Access to Clinic Entrance Act (FACE) by the current Department of Justice. He used the case of Richard Retta as an example of the harassing nature of the new complaints by DOJ. You can […]

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Speech by Sidewalk Counselors and Clinic “Escorts” Must be Treated the Same

Walter Hoye, a California pastor and sidewalk counselor, filed a federal constitutional challenge to the City of Oakland’s “Mother May I” ordinance restricting speech outside abortion clinics after having been arrested twice for approaching women seeking to enter abortion clinics. The case is Hoye v. Oakland. Evidence in the case established the Pastor Hoye attempted […]