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DC Council approves “Death with Dignity Act”

Here is a link to a story in the National Right to Life News about the latest developments. The DC Council has approved an assisted suicide bill.

“Assisted Suicide in D.C.”

Here’s a link to a very good commentary by Elyse Smith on a bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in DC. Here’s Smith’s conclusion: “Once a society buys into the lie that our dignity and value are expendable at will, determined by a utilitarian ethic, measured in terms of our economic productivity and ability to […]

Quebec approves euthanasia

Here is LifeNews story reporting on Quebec’s recent approval of voluntary euthanasia. Here is a link to commentary by Wesley Smith, .  Richard M.

Belgium’s euthanasia law and European pro-life movement

Belgium’s new law is most distressing not only because of the lost lives of the innocent children, but also, as Richard Stith points out, marks a new low in our devaluing the intrinsic life of each individual person.  As Archbishop Leonard, the primate of the Catholic Church in Belgium is quoted as warning in this […]

opposition to Connecticut’s assisted suicide bill

Here is a link to a LifeNews story on the very strong opposition to Connecticut’s assisted suicide bill. The article notes the effective testimony of my colleague Professor Stephen Mikochik (who is a visiting professor at Ave Maria School of Law). Richard M.

Georgia bans assisted suicide

Georgia has now banned assisted suicide. Georgia’s law banning advertising for assisted suicide had been held unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds. This new law bans the practice of assisted suicide, and according to the Lifenews article, makes Georgia the 39th state with such a criminal prohibition. Richard M.